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Our offer

Optimize your storage costs with us. In our newly built logistics center the word storage gets a new meaning. We will create optimal storage model according to your needs. However this is not the end of our work. We will also provide all the operations which are essential to satisfy your storage and distribution needs by using intelligent warehouse management system. This helps us to minimize your costs and maximize your profit.

CARGO GROUP SLOVAKIA - Storage and complex logistics

We provide:

  • short-term and long-term storage of all kinds of goods in temperature controlled warehouse
  • dividing the goods to create a complex package according to clients needs
  • merging multiple packages from different producers to one big package prepared for one or more customers
  • various methods of managing the movement of goods
  • commissional storage
  • transport packaging and labeling
  • palletisation and depalletisation for transport
  • re-storage of packaging materials
  • online access to condition of goods in storage for our customers
  • customs warehouse
  • complex transport service associated with import and export of your goods
  • full insurance of goods in storage


Logistics center is built on the crossroads of the main road communications in Slovak republic in north-south and east-west direction. Ideal location with direct access to highway D1 brings speed, availability and flexibility. Along with the professional team of coworkers we bring high level of effectivity to your processes.

Technical specification:

  • storage capacity 7 000 pallets
  • complex storage space 5 800 m2
  • warehouse height 12 m
  • adjustable shelving system
  • adjustable hydraulic ramps
  • warehouse management system
  • barcode technology
  • reservation system for time scheduling
  • warehouse security with an IP video surveillance system
  • nonstop transport dispatching
  • parking for trucks and personal vehicles in the area
  • toilets for visitors and drivers

CARGO GROUP SLOVAKIA - Optimálny model skladovania
CARGO GROUP SLOVAKIA s.r.o. - transport of goods, logistics, storage - Storage locality

Logistics center CARGO GROUP SLOVAKIA Trnava

CARGO GROUP SLOVAKIA s.r.o. - transport of goods, logistics, storage - Trnava

Transport is our life.

Zavarská 10/M
917 01 Trnava
Slovenská republika

ID number: 47 429 364
TAX ID: 2023882982
VAT number: SK2023882982



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