International and domestic
freight transport

How the transport of the goods work?

Our company ensures international and domestic transport. Shipments are realized in the form of full truckloads (FTL), less than truckload (LTL) and groupage. We are using all types vehicles with the capacity from 0,01 to 24 tons. We can also arrange transport by refrigerated and insulated box vehicles, transport of sensitive goods as well as hazardous goods under ADR regulations. We are able to provide transport of oversized and heavy shipments, additional loads, supplementary insurance and consulting and advisory services.

Shipments are carried out by experienced drivers. Majority of vehicles is equipped with a global positioning system which allows us to monitor the current location of each vehicle. The movement of consignments can be followed through the Track & Tracemonitoring system. All shipments are covered by the forwarders’s liability insurance. We can also provide supplementary insurance for the consignment on your request.

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Why you should take a journey with us?

Our departments are ready to accomplish all your needs and to choose the best possible type of transport and storage for any kind of goods.

We will select appropriate measures and services for you:

  • curtain-side trailers and semitrailers
  • refrigerated and insulated box vehicles
  • tipper trailers for bulk freight transport
  • vehicles of lower capacity
  • oversized transports
  • express transports
  • combined transports
  • transport of hazardous goods according to ADR
  • transport of valuable and special goods
  • track & trace
  • consulting and advisory service

Collection service

Collection service

Collection service is one of the many possible was of transport which you can find in our offer. Collection service is the service that groups together of several different consignments into a full trailer or container load.

It is intended for customers whose shipments do not fill the whole storage area of the trailer. It is also assigned for those who seek quick and efficient solution for the transport of small shipments. Thanks to the flexibility of our system, there is a possibility to adjust the conditions of transport to your individual needs.

How much does collection service cost?

Within the collection
service we offer:

  • export and import of goods on a “house to house” base
  • additional loads
  • direct transport by small vehicles to all European countries
  • collection and distribution of shipments
  • linkage to warehousing and customs clearance
  • supplementary insurance „ALL RISK“
  • consulting and advisory services

Express transport of the consignments

Express transport of the consignments

Express shipments are perfect solution in the emergency situations. Thanks to them you can control critical shipments. Within the express services we offer the possibility of guaranteed delivery on the next day. You can also select one of more efficient possibilities for less urgent consignments.

Based on your request and the date of delivery we will propose the most suitable solution for the delivery regarding to optimization of the transport costs.

How much does express transport cost?

Within the express
transport we offer:

  • dedicated vehicle – vehicle selected for your consignments
  • route optimization for precocious delivery and control costs
  • efficient solution for less urgent consignments
  • transport of valuable and special goods
  • express transport of the goods according to ADR
  • supplementary insurance „ALL RISK“

Special transport

Special transport

Special transports include transport of the goods with specific characteristics. Whether it is the quantitative or behavioral characteristics of the transporting goods, our professionally trained staff will provide suitable advise. We are able to arrange special transports within whole Europe.

Based on your request, we can elaborate comprehensive transport plan. We ensure the necessary handling equipment, appropriate vehicle and we schedule the route including the provision of all necessary licences.

How much does special transport cost?

Within the special
transport we offer:

  • oversized transports
  • transport of bulk material by the tipper trailers
  • transport of valuable and special goods
  • express transport of the goods according to ADR
  • consulting in the area of transporting oversized consignments and transports according to ADR
  • supplementary insurance „ALL RISK“

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